Wazifa to love allah

Wazifa to love allah

Wazifa to love allah , ” Any one who needs to experience passionate feelings for Allah or needs to expand his adoration for Allah ought to do this wazifa. Wazifa to love allah. Consistently after Eisha salah read the accompanying dua 1000 times every night with the niyet/expectation of expanding your affection for Allah.

يَا بَدِيْعَ الْعَجَاءِبِ بِااْلخَيْرِ بِرَحْمَتِكَ اَسْتَغِيْثُ

“Ya badi al ajaibe bil khaire be rehmateka astagheso”

Your adoration for Allah will increment inside days to a degree that it will be hard to deal with it. Cautioning: This dua is for Auliya Allah as it were. I composed it here however it can make you a mejzub. For all pragmatic purposes you will wind up plainly futile for this world. Your reality will be decimated by Allah. Since you can either adore Allah or another person. Not both.Allah does not endure any individual who adores him, cherishing another person as well. Best is to peruse this wazifa with the consent of your Sheik/Murshid who can control your adoration.

Wazifa to love allah

One day Sayyedin Musa (Alaihisselam) inquired as to whether there was any extraordinary companion of Allah. Allah answered: Wazifa to love allah, who can be my uncommon companion more than you? Sayyedina Musa asked again and Allah said go to that mountain and you will discover a man in a give in. Sayyedin Musa (Alaihisselam) went there. Found an outsider in that buckle. Nobody would go close him and the give in stank as his body was decaying with worms in his body.

Sayyedin Musa (Alaihisselam) thought he committed an error and shut his nose and was going to leave when that man yelled. Musa you accompanied such love and now you are leaving with such disturb. Sayyedina Musa (Alaihis selam) was stunned to see such a man in, to the point that condition. He asked the man. He answered i am glad the way Allah needs to keep me.

Sayyedina Musa (Alaihis selam) feeling frustrated about him inquired as to whether he had any desires. He said I had just two wishes. My first wish was to see you. So I have seen you. My second wish is that I haven’t tipsy icy water for quite a long time. Hopefully you will get me some icy water.

Sayyedina Musa (Alaihis selam) went to get some icy water. Returned and saw that the man was dead and a lion had destroyed his body in. He was more amazed by this. Sayyedina Musa (Alaihis selam) went to the Toor mountain and requested that Allah disclose to him the mystery of all that. Allah answered that man committed two errors

1. he asserted to love me and he wished to see you.

2.  he approached you for icy water. On the off chance that he had asked me, I would have run a waterway of icy water only for him.

So my siblings and sisters, be cautious about cherishing Allah. Allah does not endure any slip-ups and particularly on the off chance that you are his significant other. You can’t love Allah and another person in the meantime. Be that your significant other or youngsters. I firmly propose adoring our Holy Prophet (sallal laho alaihe wa aalehi wasallam. It is simple and you will end up being the adored of Allah.

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